Wednesday, October 29, 2014

--master life--

dear me myself and i,,

i know u r strong enough nuraini,
stay strong and always do!

i know--
you always asked yourself
how actually i should live?
how actually i should act?
how actually i should react?
how actually i should say?
how actually i should do?
damn it! im tireddd!!

i know--
sometimes you feel like you want to run away
far far away from this reality
far far away
can I?
can I?
I dont know how to live like this!
i dont know

I feel like
People around me seems too cruel
seems too selfish
seems too bad

I know its wrong--
to judge people just like that
but i just cant stand it anymore

aku penat!
aku cuma mahu bahagia
it is wrongg??